Bitcoin Magician

Bitcoin Magician: 1st UK Entertainer to accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payment

As of today, I become the 1st Bitcoin Magician and professional UK entertainer to start accepting Cryptocurrency payments online!

Bitcoin Magician

I know what your thinking…..

Why would a magician accept Bitcoin?

Good question. Let me attempt to explain!

In Summary… I have a great passion for magic, education and technology!

Before I was a professional magician, I was a teacher of computer science. Technology has been a huge part of my life since I was 4 years old when I got my 1st PC… a Sinclair ZX81. I remember writing my first bit of code which printed my name on every line of the screen. Absolutely Magic! I have a BEng in Software Engineering, build websites and eCommerce stores.

When I left teaching to pursue my full time career in magic, I always knew that I wanted to combine my passion for magic and education. I started my business, Flummix, which specialises in a unique form of educational entertainment that combines the performance arts with STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences. I am the author of Computer Science FX and publisher of Arithmetrix (Be A Number Ninja!), The Adventures of STEM Island and Stem-Antics.

My life is well defined in the areas of: Magic, Education and Technology.

In a way, it’s kind of like my very own, real-life, Block-chain!

Bitcoin is a technology built on Block-chain for which I have become fascinated with over the past few years… Just ask my wife!


Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency – a form of electronic cash – that allows people to send money to one another without going through a 3rd party like a bank or payment gateway. It allows (almost!) immediate global transfers with next to no commission charged. The currency is built on Block-chain technology and this would appear to be the technology leading the way in future online security.

To store your Bitcoins, you need a wallet. You can choose from: electronic, software, mobile, hardware or paper. More info can be found here.

Current statistics show that there are currently more than 32 million digital wallets that have been setup globally. Coinbase, the world’s biggest Crypto exchange, has over 13 million users. Other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are known as Alt Coins. You can keep up to date with all the latest Crypto Markets Here.

I became fascinated with Cryptocurrency a few years ago (wish it was sooner when 1 BTC was only a few dollars!) and started to invest some spare change. I played around in the exchanges and realised how fantastically bad I was at trading. I decided that it would take up too much time to learn the craft properly so the best way forward for me, was to, Hodl.

That was not a typo…

To ‘Hodl’ is to hold for the long-term. The term goes back to a drunken typo on a Reddit forum many years ago when BTC was in it’s infancy.

I am indeed, a Hodler, Hodling!

For me, it is much more fun to stack up Satoshis (smallest unit of BTC: one hundred million satoshi make up a Bitcoin) rather than invest in a standard ISA. The risks are higher and the rewards are greater. But more importantly, and with a great deal of enjoyable learning along the way, I have managed to developed my understanding of trading the markets with technical and fundamental analysis.

The way I see it, money has continued to evolve since the days of barter: from salt, rice and cattle to gold and coins; Notes, cheques, cards and PayPal.

Not one of these methods have resulted in the extinction of the previous medium. They all have their place today.

Although admittedly I have never traded rice. Or cattle!

I believe Crypto won’t replace ‘money’ as we know it but will find it’s place in the modern world and be another medium in which we trade. Huge organisations are currently investing into creating their own Cryptocurrencies such as, Amazon, IBM and Facebook.

Although, is the new Facebook coin, Libra, actually a Cryptocurrency? That’s a debate for another day!

So, in summary, accepting Bitcoin as a payment method is perfectly suited to my personality, businesses and philosophy.

I have the tools to enable the payment features in my online shop and I have the belief that BTC is here to stay. Over the next few years, I believe that more and more business will start to accept bitcoin so that is why I have become the 1st entertainer in the UK to officially announce that I will accept Bitcoin and other Cryptos as a form of payment.


I also hope that this will be a useful asset in working with technology companies at Trade Shows & Exhibitions. As a computer scientist and magician that specialises in creating bespoke entertainment, it is my desire to work with more software and Block-chain companies and utilise my skillet to deliver branded magic that help companies deliver their message in an amazing and memorable way.

To setup my Bitcoin Payment Gateway, I am now taking Corporate Bookings online with the option to pay by Bitcoin. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

Bitcoin Magician Predictions

I would love to make a prediction about the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency but unfortunately it falls outside my skill-set. If I could, I would currently be on some yacht in the Caribbean!

The Crypto world is in its infancy. Markets show great volatility. Risks are high and rewards are higher!

In the past few years, Bitcoin has experienced a few, Bull Runs. A Bull Run is when the green charts start heading for the moon and a Bear Market is when the charts are dropping and all the key indicators are displayed in red. Green charts are so much more endearing!

The biggest bull run saw an all-time-high in December 2017 when 1 Bitcoin was worth nearly $20,000. What followed was a Bear Market (pretty much red for a year and a half!) when BTC fell all the way back to around $3000. The nae slayers where in full voice. The Hodlers were quiet!

At the time of writing (27/06/2019), BTC is charging north and has, in the past few weeks, reached the dizzy heights of $13,500. It has dropped back into the 11’s and finding some resistance around 12k.

Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!

So, to sum up: my prediction is this…

I do magic, not miracles!


Since writing this blog nearly 3 years ago, a lot has happened in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Most notably, a run of new all time highs (ATH):

16th Feb 2021: Bitcoin price reached new all-time high of $50,000
14th April 2021: New all-time of $64,800 for a Bitcoin
11th Feb 2022: Currently trading at $43256

We will look at other Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) in another blog 😁