Memorable Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Memorable Moments

For your wedding guests, the wedding will have two memorable moments. Well, three if we count the actual wedding itself!

The food you serve will either leave your guests happy or hungry. Your choice of wedding entertainment will leave guests thrilled or feeling like they’ve seen better. When it comes to your entertainment, how can you ensure it’s the former?

Here are four wedding entertainment ideas that’ll leave a long-lasting memory in the minds of your wedding guests.

Memorable Wedding Entertainment Ideas

1. Magicians

Add a touch of magic to your special day by hiring a wedding magician. The best magicians will create a fantastic show that’ll capture the attention of young and old wedding guests – everyone loves a good trick! Magicians are not just about creating a single show either but you can hire them to walk amongst the wedding guests, performing tricks during the dinner or the dancing.

2. Caricature Artist

Wedding photo booths are an increasingly popular option at weddings but you could ditch the traditional photo booth and have a caricaturist draw pictures of your guests. The artist can draw a personalised photo of each guest (or at least of those willing to model!) and everyone gets to take the drawings home with them. It’s entertaining and a fun twist on a more common choice.

3. Wedding Band

Every wedding needs music for entertainment. With modern technology and streaming services, it can be tempting to skip hiring a wedding band and opt for digital music. A Spotify playlist and an aux cable gives you a cheap music option, and one that won’t take up much space, but a live wedding band always adds to the wedding’s ambience and creates a special show.

4. Dance Lessons

While we’re talking about wedding music, what do people do when they hear music? They dance!

While hiring a dance troupe to perform at a wedding is another increasingly popular choice, we’ve seen weddings in the last year where there’s been a dance tutor teach the wedding guests a few moves.

Granted, it might not be for your more self-conscious guests, but a quick dance lesson in salsa or samba is a certain way to get everyone laughing.

Why Not Mix and Match Your Entertainment?

Now, the above wedding entertainment ideas are guaranteed to put a smile on your wedding guests’ faces and leave them with fun memories. The great thing about the ideas is that you can include as many of them to your wedding day as you want. If you aren’t keen on the idea of having a wedding band and a magician both performing, then you can always look at another option such as photobooth hire, or combine music and magic with different types of entertainment we’ve not mentioned here, such as fireworks.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Look to add some extra fun to your wedding day with the above ideas. You’ll end up having a memorable wedding and keep the guests talking for months afterwards!