STEM Magician

STEM Magician

As the creative director of Flummix® and STEM Magician, Jody Greig specialises in creating educational entertainment for the 21st century learner. Combining his skills and experience as a former teacher of computer science in secondary schools in Scotland and professional, Award Winning Magician based in Edinburgh, Jody creates unique and exciting resources that combine the performance arts with STEM subjects to create memorable and meaningful STEAM learning experiences.

Creator, Author & Publisher

  • Arithmetrix (Be A Number Ninja!)
  • STEM Antics
  • The Adventures of STEM Island
  • Breaking the Code
  • Computer Science FX
  • 21st Century FX

Science, Learning & Innovation

  • Hearts Innovation Lounge
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival
  • STEM Scotland, Dynamic Earth
  • Girls in STEM: Innovation Lounge
  • Dundee Science Week
  • Edinburgh Learning Festival
  • Dunbar Science Festival

STEM Magician Performances

  • Computer Science National Leadership Network
  • Computing at Schools Scotland
  • Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated (TEMI)
  • TEDx Creative Learning is Magic
  • Children’s University Scotland
  • Edinburgh Council: JET (Job, Education and Training)

Science & Magic

In 2012, Jody wrote and published Computer Science FX. The eBook is a collection of creative workshops that use the art of self-working magic tricks to teach key principles of computer science and develop skills in computational thinking. All workshops are built on the natural curiosity of “How do you do that?” and use well-structured enquiry to encourage engagement and make meaning from direct experience.

Solving magic tricks is about computational thinking and performing magic tricks encourages interaction, self-confidence, concentration and empathy.

Building upon these key principles, Jody wrote 21st Century FX which was focused on Numeracy, Internet Literacy and Skills for Learning. The collection of workshops became known as the Flummix® Learning FX™ workshops.

Inspired by the creative journey and fantastic learning experiences, Jody produced a range of new and exciting STEM workshops, shows and presentations. By combing science, technology, engineering and maths with the performance art of magic, Jody found an exciting way to inspire creativity, confidence and computational thinking as the STEM Magician!


“JET – I approached Jody to deliver some class based learning with a kick, knowing full well that he would be an inspiration to young people. Jody delivered tailor made sessions on planning and leadership whilst dazzling the classroom with his delivery, in particular his magic tricks. The entire room was engaged with Jody’s unique learning experience – a difficult task with 15 year olds! Jody’s creative thinking and high impact session made the whole experience memorable for the young people involved and gave them useful tools for life and employment!”

Nicola Vallence

Edinburgh Council

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